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After stints at Kato and Nightshade, Zen Ong is cooking modern Indonesian food at his exceptional tasting menu pop-up, Inda.
Subscriber exclusive: Times Food critics Bill Addison and Patricia Escárcega compiled a list of 101 places to eat in L.A. Their top picks include familiar names and brand-new entrants.
The large Cantonese menu includes jumbo shumai, abalone congee, beef ball, lobster congee, live seafood and rice noodle rolls.
Tips from Genevieve Ko and Ben Mims about how to stay on track for your resolutions and eat for your health in 2020.
Farro is simmered with tomato juice, aromatics and spices to create the most flavorful base for the best grain bowl recipe.
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Happy Holidays from LA Times Food! On Now
Happy Holidays from LA Times Food!
Off 8乐彩票邀请码 Chicken Sausage Thumb On Now
Heading to South L.A. for chicken sausage, a staple of Los Angeles’ black community | Off 8乐彩票邀请码
Off 8乐彩票邀请码 SGV 3:2 Thumb On Now
Lucas eats Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley: dumplings, Taiwanese breakfast & more | Off 8乐彩票邀请码
Koreatown Off 8乐彩票邀请码 Thumbnail On Now
Exploring L.A.'s vibrant Koreatown with comedian Margaret Cho and Eater's Matthew Kang | Off 8乐彩票邀请码
Off 8乐彩票邀请码 - Skid Row On Now
Building community through food in skid row, the epicenter of L.A.'s homelessness crisis | Off 8乐彩票邀请码
Off 8乐彩票邀请码 Mini Kabob 8乐彩票邀请码 Thumbnail On Now
The best Armenian restaurant in L.A. is this tiny family-run kebab joint in Glendale | Off 8乐彩票邀请码
Are these chili burgers better than the Original Tommy’s offering? On Now
Are these chili burgers better than the Original Tommy's offering?
464553_FO_BRAUMS_KKN_56744.JPG On Now
Braum's: The Best Burger Californians Never Heard Of
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For a quick and satisfying yet light weekday breakfast, try this burrito recipe that combines seared tomato and avocado with scrambled eggs and cheese.
If you’re recovering from drinking too much on New Year’s Eve, you need to make these easy and delicious recipes that will cure your hangover.
The distinctive taste of bacon fat works particularly well with that of the root vegetables.
When you’re craving fresh vegetables and fresh ideas for easy vegetable recipes, try these dishes from L.A.'s best chefs.
Pork has a prominent place on the Puerto Rican table, and Christmas is when the real magic happens — with pasteles, pernil and family.
Here are a dozen recipes from our 101 Best Restaurants list that will give you a taste of L.A.
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