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Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration said the Orange County city of Huntington Beach will allow for more affordable housing if it adopts a proposed plan.
Facing a tight deadline, state Sen. Scott Wiener says he thinks he has the support to advance his bill to increase housing density near transit stops.
The proposed shelter on Riverside Drive, part of L.A.'s “bridge housing” program, would have roughly 100 beds. Opponents say city officials skirted rules in approving the $6.6-million project.
City Council passes resolution opposing the methods used by a regional panel in determining Laguna Beach needs to plan for 390 additional homes.
Despite harsh rhetoric from Trump about L.A.'s homeless crisis, top officials are working on a plan that would involve more federal funding and land.
A bill from L.A. Assemblyman Miguel Santiago would exempt new homeless shelters and affordable housing from the California Environmental Quality Act.
The Trump administration is taking steps to roll back an Obama-era rule intended to ensure that communities address racial segregation in housing.
The proposal, included in the new state budget Newsom will send to the Legislature on Friday, marks another major push to send state taxpayer dollars to local communities struggling with a growing crisis that has drawn national attention and has few easy solutions.
Some California lawmakers say they support a group of homeless women who have been illegally living in a vacant three-bedroom house in Oakland since November.
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Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed $20 million Friday to purchase new parkland. He won’t say where, but a likely candidate is a 51,000-acre ranch on sale near Livermore.
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