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The Times found a rising number of death investigations across the country were complicated or upended after transplantable body parts were taken before a coroner’s autopsy.
In Miami Beach, Grammy-winning DJ is asking $2.8 million for his waterfront pad complete with a private dock and recording studio.
Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler and reality star Kristin Cavallari have trimmed the price of their Nashville mansion to $4.95 million.
The Southern California market has been hampered by a decline in foreign investment. Still, moderate price increases are predicted.
The longtime home of Disney animator Art Babbitt and late actress Barbara Perry has come up for lease in the Hollywood Hills at $6,500 a month.
In Valley Village, 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford has picked up an entertainer’s abode with two homes and a pool for $2.025 million.
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Verizon’s Fios is ending the bundles that combine internet, television and landline phone service, allowing subscribers to customize their plans.
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