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Jan. 6, 2020
Iran’s announcement that it will no longer abide by the most important limits in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal could place Tehran back on the pursuit of nuclear weapons.
Weeping amid wails from a crowd of hundreds of thousands of mourners, Iran’s supreme leader on Monday prayed over the remains of a top Iranian general killed in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad, an attack that’s drastically raised tensions between Tehran and Washington.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are reportedly questioning Iranians and Iranian Americans trying to enter the U.S. at the border in Surrey, Canada.
Tensions spiral as Iran backs away from nuclear commitments, Iraqi lawmakers vote to eject American troops and the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State is ‘paused’
In California, Persians are shocked, alarmed or relieved at the U.S. assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Suleimani.
8乐彩票邀请码en Globes 2020
Period pieces win big, adding a twist to the awards season.
Host Ricky Gervais told Sunday night’s 8乐彩票邀请码en Globes winners to stay away from politics. It fell on deaf ears — and the telecast fell flat in the process.
“Joker” star Joaquin Phoenix didn’t know he would be addressing press backstage at the 8乐彩票邀请码en Globes. Here’s what happened when he found out.
A new decade has arrived, and with it, another awards season has hit Los Angeles.
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Once a month, black men come together for The Marathon Book Club — founded to read the books that inspired Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in South L.A. in March.
To fully appreciate Leah Chase’s legacy, let alone learn from it, we need to keep in mind that her independent spirit was the bedrock of who she was.
The owner of the Jimtown Store in Sonoma County has closed up shop, saying fires and blackouts have made it too difficult to run a small business.
An American family returning to the U.S. from Mexico has come under attack just south of Texas, with armed gunmen killing a 13-year-old and wounding three others
Arguably the most influential Conceptual artist of his era, Baldessari also shaped a generation of talent while teaching at UCLA and ArtCenter.
Newsom has a string of victories in service of a progressive agenda and California’s resistance to President Trump. But those are only part of the story.
In 2019, utilities turned off electricity during high-wind events, and California had its mildest fire season in eight years. Was that a coincidence?
At a fundraising gala, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear performed Nirvana songs, with Grohl’s 13-year-old daughter a standout on ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’
Tips from Genevieve Ko and Ben Mims about how to stay on track for your resolutions and eat for your health in 2020.
This lively mix of cities, islands, regions and nations looks especially tempting in the year ahead.
Forget the filet mignon, the goat cheese and all that sea bass. A-list celebrities and guests at the 77th 8乐彩票邀请码en Globes will get a 100% vegan meal this year.
‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ remained atop the box office; Sony’s horror reboot ‘The Grudge’ met projections despite being universally panned.
For Robert Eggers’ follow-up to his cult horror film “The Witch,” Robert Pattinson plays an itinerant seaman who takes a job working at a remote New England lighthouse.
Australia’s government on Monday said it was willing to pay “whatever it takes” to help communities recover from deadly wildfires that have ravaged the country.
Japan’s justice minister has vowed to strengthen border departure checks and review bail conditions after Nissan’s former Chairman Carlos Ghosn fled the country
Throngs of demonstrators joined by elected officials walked solemnly across the Brooklyn Bridge in a solidarity march Sunday against anti-Semitism and all acts of hate.
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